Who We Are

JDHgroup is a digital + dimensional agency. We’re a group of creatives that specialize in designing brand experiences, whether it be through digital, interactive or environmental means. What sets us apart is that we consider ourselves just as much innovators and inventors as we do designers. Because of this we do everything in-house from concept, to design, to development, on through to production.

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What We Do

We don’t work for our clients, we work with our clients—becoming strategic partners with a singular vision. We then apply this strategic approach to the creative process and ultimately deliver experiences that bridge the gap between the digital + dimensional domains. What this means for you is a brand engagement that not only blows minds, but delivers on objectives and backs it up with proven metrics.

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Why We Do It

For the love of the game. For self-respect. For your continued success. For our continued success. For our shared hatred of mediocrity. There’s no one answer to this question. We put our hearts into it because you put your heart into it. Experiential marketing is the ultimate point where brands & people connect, and there’s nothing we love more than making that happen in a unique and meaningful way. Thundercats ho!

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